Respiratory Protection Safety

Respiratory Protection

Selection and use of Respiratory Protection.

Air-purifying respirators range from the simple filtering type to the powered full-face piece versions. Tight-fitting face pieces are either half-mask (covering the nose and mouth), or full-face, covering the nose, mouth and eyes) and employ particulate filters and/or chemical cartridges. Air-purifying respirators do not supply breathable air and must not be used in oxygen-deficient atmospheres.

M.S.A. brand respirators are the only tight fitting respirators permitted for use by J. J. White, Incorporated employees. They are as follows:

    1. Half face APR = Advantage 200
    2. Full face APR = Ultratwin, Ultra Elite or Advantage 3000
    3. Full face SAR = Ultraview or Ultra Elite

Particulate filters and cartridges are separated into basic groups for clarification:

• Particulate filters catch dust, mists and fumes, but not gases or vapors. When numerous particles have accumulated within the filter media, breathing becomes more labored and the filter must be replaced. 

• Chemical cartridges or canisters are used with APRs to remove hazardous gases or vapors from the air, but do not filter out airborne particles. Cartridge and canister media consists of active carbon granules which trap gas and vapor molecules. 

• APRs may also be used with combinations of particulate filters and gas/vapor cartridges, when a given atmosphere contains both particulate and gas hazards. Many filter cartridge options and combinations are available for use with air-purifying respirators, as applications vary. 

Employees must be medically cleared and fit-tested to wear tight fitting respirators prior to actually wearing a respirator at the job site.  Fit tests will be performed annually thereafter.