JJ White Specific Documents Safety

JJ White Specific Documents

We should all be familiar with the JSA’s, High Hazard JSA’s and the E-Tracker forms that JJ White has been using. What you may not know is the benefits that they give us. Here are a few things that they do.

  1. The JSA card. This is for all JJ White employees to fill out for each specific job. It is a planning tool, a way for us to find the hazards that we may face and eliminate them or have further discussions to mitigate the risk by using a High Hazard JSA or other action.
  1. The NMGC card allows you to share what you did to avoid an injury or an incident.
  1. The BBE card allows you and the supervisor to share observations on what management needs to do better so we can be successful.

One of the benefits of these forms is allowing management to sell ourselves to the owners that reach out to us for their projects. There have been many times that when these procedures are shown and described to them they are taken back by the level of commitment we have when it comes to safety. 

Take advantage of these forms and participate. The potential injury you may help prevent in the future may be one you have had or would have had.