Slips & Falls Safety

Slips & Falls

Each year too many construction workers are injured by slips and falls.

Slipping on the floor is bad enough, but falling from a height can be disastrous.

How can falls be prevented? Keep your eyes open!

When working at heights, proper guard rails must be used and, where necessary, safety harnesses that are properly tied-off.

Scaffolding must rest on firm footing and should have all the bracing installed. When using multi-level staging, the scaffolding must also be anchored to the structure. First quality cleated planks, completely covering the working level, are a necessity.

Orderliness plays a big part in preventing slips and falls. Debris lying around on floors and working areas is an open invitation to accident. Weather increases hazards, particularly in winter when debris becomes snow covered and cannot be seen. Ice conditions create additional dangers. Sand and/or calcium should be applied to icy areas.

Wet weather causes muddy feet which contribute in turn to slips and falls. Wipe your feet before climbing steps or entering a work area.

When walking down stairs use the guardrail. Use 3 points of contact when ascending or descending ladders and stairs,

REMEMBER! Your eyes are your best defense against slips and falls. Watch your step and look where you are going. Simply just walking around a hazard can avoid having a slip or fall.