Scaffold Housekeeping Safety

Scaffold Housekeeping

Here is a quick scaffolding housekeeping checklist:

  • Has the scaffold been inspected?
  • Have designated areas for waste materials been identified?
  • Can waste containers be transported or emptied, safely and easily?
  • Is the crew aware of proper lifting procedures of tools and materials?
  • Are the work areas and equipment tidy?
  • Are stairways, passageways, ladders, scaffold decking and gangways free of obstructions?
  • Are loose or light materials secured for wind conditions?
  • Have protruding nails been removed?
  • Are hoses, power cords, welding leads, etc. bundled tight together and out of the way?
  • Are Structural openings covered/protected adequately?
  • Are areas below the scaffold properly barricaded?