Valuable Safety Tips Safety

Valuable Safety Tips

These will protect employees on the job

Stressing the importance of safety at the workplace should be done on a regular basis. We should be posting safety rules and tips for your employees around the job site and on hazardous equipment and machinery. These notices can guide workers so that while they are working the tips will subconsciously protect them. Properly training employees to use tools and machines is the most important safety tip, because someone who knows how to do their job correctly will be confident and not make mistakes that can risk their health and safety.

  1. Safety is a team effort. Ensure that every member of the crew knows the safety requirements before the job is started
  2. Safety is your responsibility
  3. Always communicate with co-workers during a job in order to maintain safety
  4. Never take shortcuts. Always follow correct procedures
  5. Wear metal mesh (Kevlar) gloves to protect your hands when working with sharp objects
  6. Keep your work area clean and orderly
  7. Keep access clear to emergency exits, equipment, and equipment shutoffs
  8. Prevent accidents by clearly identifying any hazards that cannot be removed
  9. Safety should be your first thought, not an afterthought
  10. Do not approach operating machinery from the blind side; let the operator see you.