Holy Family University Nurse’s Education Building


Holy Family is a leading Catholic university based in Northeast Philadelphia. The University is broken down into four schools, including the Nursing & Allied Health Professions program. Since its inception, Holy Family’s Nursing School has grown into one of the region’s premier programs that requires the proper facilities to educate their students. For this reason, JJ White Inc. was brought in on a competitive bid basis to construct the University’s Nurse’s Education Building.


The design for the new building included 80,000 square feet and a budget of $16 million. The large size of the proposed building and its prominent location on campus created challenges in keeping the rest of campus open for students. Throughout the 12 month construction process, all other buildings were to remain fully operational.


JJ White leaders and superintendents worked closely with University officials to schedule certain areas for limited access at times of minimal disruption. This allowed work to be completed while students carried on with their everyday activities on campus.


JJ White crews completed the Nurse’s Building on-time and on-budget, in thanks to the level of planning and expertise on the jobsite that only JJ White can provide. This expertise also created a project that went injury-free for its duration and continues to serve the Nursing students at Holy Family University.