Philadelphia, PA Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania: Founder’s Pavilion



The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania required renovations to the Founder’s Pavilion located on the main campus at 34th Street and Spruce. The University brought in JJ White for the company’s knowledge in Infection Control Risk Assessment. JJ White performed the General Construction renovations to the operating theaters and related nursing stations.



The JJ White crew faced issues with scheduling and coordinating during the renovations. The crew had to work with the Emergency Medical Department to coordinate swing space and keep the operating rooms available to the incoming patients.



The JJW Superintendent coordinated with hospital Staff at weekly meetings to stay up-to-date on all hospital events. This allowed the team to create a schedule that kept necessary operating rooms and swing spaces to remain available for staff and patients. Doctors, Nurses, and other Hospital staff continued with their everyday duties while the building received the necessary upgrades.



The renovations were completed on-time, under budget with minimal disruption to the Surgery Department schedule. JJW’s sophisticated Infection Control Risk Plan resulted in no health issues during the project as well.