Verizon Central Office


As Verizon’s footprint in the Delaware Valley increases, the need for additional office space quickly arose. The company decided to expand an existing office building and brought in JJ White Inc., as we are an Alliance Contractor with Verizon.


The size of the renovation, at 55,000 square feet, and aggressive time schedule, just ten months, created numerous challenges that the JJ White team handled expertly. Maintaining the crew’s safety in an existing structure was also of paramount importance at this project.


JJ White Project Manager Jim Gallagher worked with our scheduling team to create a detailed work plan to complete all 55,000 square feet in under 10 months. The team’s extensive planning and experience with unexpected challenges allowed them to create a schedule that minimized downtime and increased productivity throughout the large facility. This level of planning also allowed the crew to identify potential safety hazards and work to manage potential risk.


The project was completed on-time, on-budget, and injury-free. Verizon’s increased office space allows them to strengthen their footprint in the region and continue to grow as one of America’s leading Telecommunications Companies.