philadelphia, pa Exelon Power

The Situation

Exelon Power’s system of HVAC equipment contained old and outdated parts in some places, and the company did not have a handle on how much of the equipment had to be replaced. The company also lacked a procedure for routine maintenance of this equipment. Exelon requested a maintenance program to be implemented across all of it sites, along with a study of all of its old and failing equipment at each company site.


A large company like Exelon had a wide array of different equipment in its system before the project commenced. In order to maintain power production, any new equipment had to meet tight specifications to prevent power generation difficulties.


A Preventative Maintenance Program was initiated after a comprehensive survey of all of their equipment. This survey compiled the manufacturers of the equipment, along with the models, serial numbers, voltages, ages, and general conditions of the equipment, along with control systems for the operation. Budget dollars were submitted with a schedule of replacement of equipment. Results Energy savings were shown in operating costs due to lowered maintenance and repair costs, as well as modern and efficient equipment.