Philadelphia, PA Hydrofluoric Alkylation Unit Turnaround


JJ White was selected as the Mechanical Contractor for the PES 2015 HF ALKY Turnaround, which was scheduled to begin in early 2015 after a five year run.


There were two main challenges associated with this project: safety and meeting the schedule. When this turnaround was complete in 2010 (by another contractor) the project incurred five OSHA recordables and the proposed schedule was not met. The size of this project was massive and was made up of the following:

  • PPG’s: 52
  • EX’s: 28 (Pulled / Cleaned / Repaired / Pushed)
  • BV’s: 78
  • CCV: 18
  • PSV’s: 16
  • Vessels: 5 (Open / Clean / Inspect / Repair)
  • Drums: 2 (Open / Clean / Inspect / Repair)
  • Towers: 4 (Open / Clean / Inspect / Repair)
  • Special Projects:
    • T-5: removed and installed new tower head (22′ H – Dia. 12′)
    • T-11: total tower replacement (40′ H Monel Tower – Dia. 6′)
    • E-11’s: Welded in EX, removed & re-installed by engineering and fabricating rail & roller system.
    • T-8: Installed (3) new nozzles.
    • 14 Code Packages

This entire SOW would need to be completed in a 43 day window, with average temperatures in the low 20’s and all the craft working in B Gear.


JJ White spent a year and a half developing a detailed schedule, which was maintained through the project. We also created a safety culture to ensure the craft understood the importance of working safely and looking out for one another.


JJ White completed this project on-time with over 120,000 man-hours, an E/A of 1.18, and zero OSHA Recordables.