Housekeeping Safety



When is the time for housekeeping? 

There are two ways to view housekeeping.

  • It’s either part of every job – in which case it’s given continual attention throughout a task, or
  • It’s an afterthought – in which case it only gets attention if there’s time after the job is finished.

From a safety perspective, when housekeeping is part of a job, there’s constant awareness of worksite conditions.  Materials no longer needed are removed so that no one is standing on unstable surfaces or stepping over objects to access their work.  Individuals aren’t exposed to tripping hazards.  Emergency equipment is accessible at all times in case it’s needed.

From a work productivity perspective, tools and materials are readily accessible when needed so that no one is rummaging around to find the correct tool or work piece.  Individuals can work freely on uncluttered work tables rather than shuffling materials around to find an open spot, or creating a makeshift work surface because tables are cluttered.

From a work quality perceptive, individuals can see their work clearly.  They create the room needed to maneuver to ensure that equipment is set correctly.  They have enough access to properly inspect their work.

There are many benefits to good housekeeping, but the best way to realize those benefits is to make housekeeping an on-going effort built into every job you do