Hand Safety Plan Safety



10 Rules to Protect Your 10 Fingers

  1. Use gloves 100% of the time. Gloves offer protection from sharp objects, splinters, electrical burns, chemicals, and many other sources of injury.  Like other PPE, gloves only work when they’re worn.
  2. Beware of pinch points. Train yourself to recognize pinch points and to avoid placing your hands and fingers in hazardous spots.  Keep out of the “line of fire”.
  3. Expect the expected. When using wrenches and other hand tools, you expect resistance, so anticipate that the tool might slip or the object may suddenly give way.
  4. Inspect tools before each use. Be sure they are in good condition and safe to use.
  5. Avoid work on moving equipment. Make sure no moving parts can impact you during the job.
  6. Replace machine guards following repairs that require removal of guards. Do not use any tool with a safety guard removed!
  7. Be mindful of equipment that starts automatically. Never work on such equipment without first eliminating the possibility of automatic startup through LOTO.
  8. De-energize electrical equipment through LOTO prior to working on it. Arc Flash burns caused by shorted electrical equipment are a threat to hands and fingers.
  9. Be mindful when closing doors. Keep hands and fingers clear.
  10. Avoid touching any line or equipment that is (or could be) hot.


Some tools are irreplaceable – always have a plan to protect your hands!