What Is Good Housekeeping? Safety

What Is Good Housekeeping?


  • Three foot wide access paths to work area
  • Cut-offs and scrap material out of work area – toss into corner. Place scrap into dumpsters at breaks and at the end of days.
  • Building material stored in a way that does not require climbing over piles of lumber or other material to gain access
  • Keeping hoses/cords off of the middle of the stairway
  • Keeping hoses/cords out of the work area and avoiding snarls
  • Keeping hoses and cords from stairways, ramps and landings
  • Keeping mud off of stairs, ramps and ladder rungs
  • PULL nails from reusable lumber, do not bend them over

Housekeeping is not only a safety issue – it’s also a production issue!!!