Get Out of the Line of Fire Safety

Get Out of the Line of Fire

To help keep our employees out of the line of fire, and support increased awareness of hazards in the workplace, it is important to know the four behavioral states that cause line-of-fire injuries and incidents:

  1. Rushing– You are in a hurry to complete a task
  2. Frustration– You are angry, irritated or annoyed
  3. Fatigue– You are tired
  4. Complacency– You have completed a task many times and have never been hurt before

Keeping Yourself Safe from line of fire Hazards

The key to reducing onsite injuries is learning how to recognize and avoid line-of-fire hazards. By taking three easy steps, you can steer clear of the line of fire:

  1. Be aware of the hazards around you
  2. Understand the machines and operations in your work area
  3. Take time to think about the consequences that could result from what you are about to do

Office Applications

Staying out of the line of fire in an office environment is just as important as practicing safety in a manufacturing facility. Examples of line of fire hazards in the office include:

  1. Standing on a chair or cart with wheels to reach something high
  2. Texting or talking on a cell phone while walking down hallways with blind corners
  3. Failure to use crosswalks or sidewalks in parking lots or driveways

Providing safe environments for employees around the world starts with each of us. To prevent injuries and ensure we all go home to our loved ones each night, we need to be more aware of hazards in our environments and make smart decisions that keep us out of the line of fire.