Don’t Let Poor Safety Habits Bring You Down Safety

Don’t Let Poor Safety Habits Bring You Down

What are some ways to reduce the risk of tripping while at work?

Most workplace injuries from falls are same level falls.  They occur because the individual failed to anticipate a change in the path in front of them.  It may have been an object in their path, a depression in the walking surface or a sudden change in elevation such as a step or a curb.  It may be that they were not keeping their eyes on their travel path or were reading a text.

Same level falls may not seem to be the most significant safety issue to be concerned with in a refinery but the outcome can be quite serious.  Even a small trip can lead to injuries like muscle strains or sprains, torn ligaments, broken bones, back or spine damage, and even head injuries.

Unfortunately, walking does not involve much conscious effort so it’s easy to let your mind drift or to become distracted.  It’s also easy to get a false sense of security and to multi-task when walking, such as looking up at equipment or piping, examining prints or reading, or doing other visual tasks while you walk.

Any activity that takes your focus away from giving attention to making each step a safe one, should wait until you are not walking.  The key to preventing trips and same level falls is to keep your “eyes on path”.  And remember, safe walking habits are one thing that we each have complete control over.