Take Safety With You Safety

Take Safety With You

What does Take Safety with You mean?

It means driving defensively, using seat belts in our vehicles, and applying safety practices at home, including wearing safety shoes when mowing the lawn; wearing safety eyewear while hammering nails; using lighter fluid to start charcoal grills, not gasoline; turning off a circuit breaker before replacing a light fixture.

We want everyone to develop the habit of thinking about safety during a work shift, on the way home, at home or on vacation. Thus, think about safety before you start any job, when you go to do something that’s potentially dangerous (i.e., lighting a gas burner, jump-starting a vehicle, etc.), when putting on safety equipment and by making sure machine guards are in place. Think about safety several times; particularly, if you have to change what you are doing.

Ask yourself the following questions at work and at home:

– Do I know the safety procedures for this job or task? Are they adequate? Do I really understand them?

– What personal protective equipment do I need? Is it in good condition? Is it adequate?

– What tools and other equipment do I need to do the job safely? Are they the correct ones? Are they in good condition? Do I know how to use them?

– Are there other risks to my safety or the safety of others? What if something happens quickly or unexpectedly? Do I know how to respond to avoid injury?

How often should we have thoughts about safety?
Constantly! The human mind is one of the fastest processors of information. To think about all of this need only take a few seconds.