Hand Safety Checklist Safety

Hand Safety Checklist

  • Be alert to possible unguarded pinch points
  • Always use guards, shields, and other protective devices when appropriate. Do not remove guards
  • Use brushes to wipe away debris.
  • Inspect equipment and machinery before and after tasks to make sure that it is in good operating condition.
  • Disconnect power and follow established lock-out procedures before repairing or cleaning machinery.
  • Never wear jewelry or loose clothing when working with moving machine parts.
  • When wearing gloves, be sure they fit properly and are rated for the specific task you are performing.

What’s The Point?

We use our hands daily to perform all types of tasks. From putting on our FRC and boots in the morning, to lifting our toddlers when we get home at the end of a long day. So think about it… How would your life be affected if you lost a finger? Not Much? How about if you lost your thumb? No problem you say? Try using any tool effectively without your thumb. What if you lost a hand – or worse yet, if you lost both your hands? Think about it. Your life just wouldn’t be the same as it is today!

“Don’t Become A Safety Statistic”