Driving Safety Safety

Driving Safety

Your Safety Leadership Makes A Difference

We have recently had a few motor vehicle related events with our fleet. These events are telling us we need to take some time to discuss motor vehicle safety. Place take some time to share and discuss the following points.

When driving on roads and in any facility, we follow the appropriate State and facility Motor Vehicle Rules.  These includes observing traffic control signs, maintaining vehicles in a safe condition, and following right-of-way rules – remember the train always wins!

In addition, there are other requirements that are unique to the refineries that need to be considered.  For example:

  • Smoking is not permitted in vehicles.
  • Never park a vehicle so that it blocks fire equipment, a roadway or a walkway.
  • Report all motor vehicle accidents to your Supervisor or Coordinator and Security immediately.
  • Use a spotter when operating any motorized equipment with an obstructed view or while backing.
  • Do not leave unattended vehicles idling. Turn the vehicle off as you exit the vehicle.
  • Do a 360 walk around and use 1st move forward approach.

Be attentive to the three driving behaviors that require our continued attention…


  • Seatbelt use – Always wear seatbelts when in a vehicle or when operating motorized equipment
  • Cellphone use – Never initiate a call while driving
  • Observing the speed limit – Speed Limits are posted throughout the refinery or project