Forklifts Safety


Don’t Push Your Luck, Stay Focused On That Forktruck!

Can you name 10 ways that a forklift mishap can occur?

Forklifts allow us to work more efficiently and more safely.  It’s one of the most versatile pieces of motorized equipment for moving equipment and supplies in the refinery.  But when used incorrectly, it can put us at risk.  Here are several ways that a forklift mishap can occur.

  • Carrying an unstable or an unsafely arranged load
  • Operating a forklift in close quarters without a spotter
  • Not knowing the weight of the load
  • Carrying a load that exceeds the capacity of the forklift
  • Backing up without watching the path
  • Operating a forklift at a high rate of speed
  • Operating a forklift when visibility is limited
  • Not crossing railroad tracks diagonally
  • Not using or bypassing safety devices on a forklift
  • Operating a forklift without proper training
  • Not wearing a seatbelt when provided
  • Failing to slow down and to use a horn at an obstructed crossing or intersection
  • Making a sharp turn without slowing down while carrying a load
  • Traveling up or down a grade in excess of 10% with the load downgrade
  • Using a forklift for a task not intended by the manufacturer such as using slings to free rig off the tines
  • Failing to identify a safety issue during the daily inspection or failing to correct a safety issue uncovered during the daily inspection

Each of these scenarios has something in common.  Each involves circumstances that are under the control of the forklift operator. Whether you are a forklift operator or working near a forklift, if something doesn’t look right, act to correct it.  Make it your goal to stay safe when working with or in the vicinity of a forklift.