Working From Heights Safety

Working From Heights

Keep Safety In Sight When Working From Heights!

What are proper tie-off / anchor points for fall protection?

In the past, multiple safety observations have been made where people were not properly protected from a fall hazard.  We have multiple job tasks in pipe racks, on support beams, using ladders and in work areas that were 6ft or greater above ground level.

The most frequent observations are:

  • Tied-off at ankle level when an overhead tie-off was available.
  • Not using proper anchor points, tied-off to a bleeder valve.

When fall arrest (or fall restraint) equipment (i.e. anchor, lanyard, body harness, etc.) is used to protect you from hitting the ground we must take into consideration the proper anchor point.

Select an anchor point, which is as high as practical. The higher the anchor point the less the fall distance if an actual fall occurs and the fall protection equipment becomes deployed.

Remember never tie off to piping of less than 6″ diameter, electrical conduit, horizontal handrails, bleeders, cable trays, tubing and other insubstantial fixtures are not suitable as anchor points.  Hot lines, or structures with sharp or uneven edges, which could damage or weaken the lanyard must not be used.