Accept It – It’s Yours Safety

Accept It – It’s Yours

Accident prevention is the responsibility of everyone. We’ve heard that statement probably more times that we’d care to remember. But it is a fact.

Safety responsibility must belong to each and every one of us. No one person or department can constantly watch, guide or instruct every operation that is going on throughout a company each day.

Senior management is vitally concerned with safety. So are department heads, safety specialists and others. However, these people can’t be with us every minute on every job, and we have to accept our own responsibility for safety.

It’s not such an overwhelming task. You should know how to do your job safely. The training received, the departmental work procedures, the safety rule book and the experience built over time can help you prevent an accident.

Don’t’ be ashamed to ask questions about a job assigned. A person trying to bluff their way through a job they don’t understand is just asking for trouble.

After work, your responsibility for accident prevention doesn’t stop with the job. At home, behind the wheel, at play, you’ve got to keep your safety guard up. Not just for your own safety of others as well.