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Injury Protection

If you search through the Intranet for Injury Protection you will get thousands of hits on articles about the subject. Most talk about protecting your body, (hands, feet, arms, legs, Head, Eyes and so forth), all have the goal of sending everyone home safely at the end of the day.

Articles on the internet that contain statistics, pictures, tips, tricks, and acronyms are too many to count. All companies develop safety programs to prevent injuries from occurring. Most successful injury and illness prevention programs include a similar set of commonsense elements that focus on finding all hazards in the work place and developing a plan for preventing and controlling those hazards. The main goal of these injury and illness prevention programs is to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, deaths, the suffering these events cause workers, and the hardship they cause both workers and their families. All of the information that you will find about injury prevention can be summed up in one phrase: “DON’T MESS UP”.

“DON’T MESS UP” – Make a road map to safety, use Joint job walk downs to identify and avoid daily hazards.

“DON’T MESS UP” – Use the safety tools provided to you including but not limited to the job safety analysis, stop work authority, LOTO audits and safety preplans to identify and mitigate safety concerns.

“DON’T MESS UP” – Prevent complacency by involving yourself and others in hazard recognition and mitigation.

Make it an essential part of your daily routine to prevent injuries; take control of every minute and second of your job to insure that you or others are not going to get hurt. Think, use your head, and remember “DON’T MESS UP”.