Lifting & Backs Safety

Lifting & Backs

Can you describe how to perform a two handed lift?

When deciding whether or not a lift can be performed safely, consider the load to be lifted and your body position.  For a two handed lift, check that the load is stable and that the weight is acceptable for a manual lift.

Then follow these steps to ensure the best body position.

  • While facing the load, put one foot forward
  • Bend the knees to reach down
  • Grab the load
  • Swivel the load if needed to get a better grip
  • While grasping the load, position your elbows close to your sides
  • Break eye contact with the load and look straight ahead
  • Then lift using your knees

This technique is preferred because placing one foot forward gives you better balance; bending your knees reduces stress on the lower back; and looking forward when lifting retains the natural curve of your back, all of which combine to make a safer lift.