Extension Cords Safety

Extension Cords

Extension cords serve a purpose, but we should not rely on them for on permanent basis. Before use, please check the cable for any signs of damage. Any damaged cord should not be used and should be reported as a hazard. 

Tips for use of extension cords:

  • Always use a GFCI when running any extension cords
  • Only use cords rated for outdoor use when using a cord outside.
  • Keep electrical cords away from areas where they may be pinched and areas where they may pose a tripping or fire hazard (e.g., doorways, walkways, under carpet, etc.).
  • Always inspect the cord prior to use to ensure the insulation isn’t cut or damaged. Discard damaged cords, cords that become hot, or cords with exposed wiring.
  • Never unplug an extension cord by pulling on the cord; pull on the plug.
  • Do not remove the prongs of an electrical plug. If plug prongs are missing, loose, or bent, replace the entire plug.
  • Use extension cords that are the correct size or rating for the equipment in use.