Hazard Recognition – Part 1 Safety

Hazard Recognition – Part 1

Most people have never met a worker who intentionally injured himself or herself. This should go without saying. Unfortunately, many workers are seriously injured each year and many people still believe that accidents “just happen.” But accidents do not just happen!


What goes wrong? Usually, an error that is within the control of one or more people is at the bottom of things. Often, several errors take place, at the same time, for an accident to occur. So when we analyze accidents, we should focus on which aspects of a task were controlled and which were not. Assuming that workers have been properly trained and all the proper materials and tools were available, what else can go wrong? A lot! Accidents are most frequently due to haste and poor planning.

Plan the job and work within the plan. If something changes in the plan stop work to re-evaluate before proceeding.