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General Safety

Knowledge is what you know, safe work practices are what you will show

What must we know about safety and our job?

7 Things Employees Must Know About Safety and Their Job

No matter what your job, all employees need to know seven essential things about safely performing their work.

  1. Hazards: Know what could go wrong in your job to cause injury or to make you or your coworkers ill. You need to be able to identifyhazards, and what steps you need to take to protect against the hazards. You also need to know how to corrector reportunsafe conditions
  2. Safety Rules & Regulations: Be familiar with all of the safety and health rules and regulations that apply to your job. Spend the time to review the appropriate Procedure and ASK QUESTIONS if you are not sure how to perform a task safely or what a safety rule is for a specific circumstance
  3. Required Job Skills & Knowledge: You must have the knowledge required to do a good, safe job. If you are unsure of a skill or task – ASK!
  4. Required PPE: For every task, you must understand what PPE is required, and you must understand how to select, inspect, use, and maintain your PPE
  5. Safety Controls: If engineering controls, like ventilation or machine safeguards, are available, make sure you understand how these controls are used. Administrative controls, like permits for confined spaces or lock out tag out, must be understood and complied with
  6. Proper Body Positioning: Most jobs involve some ergonomic risks, so you must understand these risks and the safe work practices required to prevent physical stress, strain, and musculoskeletal disorders, such as staying out of the red zone
  7. What to do If Something Goes Wrong: You must know how to respond and how to report an emergency. Don’t forget to review emergency procedures and check that your orange button functions properly.