Be Alert! You Can Help Prevent Accidents Safety

Be Alert! You Can Help Prevent Accidents

  1. Accept accident prevention as a personal challenge.  You can’t pass the buck or leave it to the other fellow.  You yourself must be interested, enthusiastic, believe in it and do something about it.  Practical experience has proven that this is the common sense method of living and working
  2. Report unsafe working conditions. You may be the first one to notice a loose bolt, a frayed electric cord, a cracked ladder rung, a faulty circular saw blade guard, a broken nail gun safety, or anything else that is unsafe. When you see such an unsafe condition, report it promptly to your supervisor
  3. Help new employees.  They are eager and willing to contribute their best effort. Make them feel that they are welcome.  Help to instruct and train them.  Be patient and help them to become good AND SAFE workers, by teaching them the best methods.