What Difference Does It Make? Safety

What Difference Does It Make?

Housekeeping – “A place has everything and everything in its place!” is one definition.  Cluttered work areas don’t bother some people.  They say “What difference does it make?”  Here are some of the things good housekeeping does:

  • It prevents waste and damage of material and equipment
  • It saves time
  • It provides more room in which to work
  • It prevents fires
  • It prevents injuries
  • It improves the quality and quantity of work done

Good housekeeping takes planning in advance, then the cooperation of everyone to keep the equipment and work areas clean and orderly

Questions for discussion: 

  1. Do you plan neatness and order into a job before it starts?
  2. Is an area designated and marked for construction debris?
  3. Does every worker and/or subcontractor understand what they are to clean up, as part of their work on your jobsite?
  4. Do we need storage racks or designated places for some of our equipment?