Wall & Floor Openings Safety

Wall & Floor Openings

I’m sure you all know that falls cause more injuries in the construction industry than any other type of accident.   In fact, about 40% of the serious injuries in the building trades are due to falls from one level to another.

Good protection of wall and floor openings is one way of preventing these falls. This protection is a responsibility of all the trades.  Make sure that all wall and floor openings are properly guarded, either by guardrails or covering.  If you have to remove guardrails to work, put the protection back when you are done. Guardrails are required to be placed at 42″ and midrails at 21″.  Make sure that you understand the applicable rules regarding when wall and floor openings must be guarded, and what are acceptable methods of guarding.

Questions for discussion:

  1. Has the jobsite been inspected (by the competent person) as to the fall hazards present, and appropriate measures taken, before work begins?
  2. Who is the competent person on this jobsite?
  3. Is the jobsite inspected at the beginning of each work day, and as the day proceeds, for new fall hazards?
  4. Do you know of any locations on this job where wall/floor opening protection is either lacking or defective?
  5. What procedure do the various trades follow on this job for replacing or arranging for replacement of wall/floor opening protection after they have removed it?