Life-Saving Commitment #4: Caught In-Between Safety

Life-Saving Commitment #4: Caught In-Between

Protect yourself against crushing and caught-in-between injuries

Be aware of all swinging, caught-in-between situations where you could be blind-sided and crushed or pinned.

You should:

  • Identify all potential swing radius and caught-in-between areas during task analysis process
  • Barricade areas and prevent entry to potential crushing and pinning zones
  • Make contact with operators before moving in/around equipment when it is absolutely necessary to be near equipment

If you are the Supervisor or the person in charge of the work you should:

  • Ensure all employees are trained in preventing crushing-type injuries and where they could happen
  • Properly protect and barricade all swing radius areas
  • Confirm that all pieces of equipment have passed the daily inspection and are in safe operating condition
  • Stay on the lookout for changing conditions and new situations that could cause injury