Holiday Distractions Safety

Holiday Distractions

Accidents occur for many reasons. In most jobsites people tend to look for “things” or “people” to blame when an accident happens, because it’s easier than looking for “root causes”.

Failure to Pre-Plan the Work

JSA’s and JHA’s are an effective way to figure out the smartest ways to work safely and effectively. Being hasty in starting a task, or not thinking through the process can put you in harm’s way. Instead, Plan Your Work and then Work Your Plan.

Mental Distractions

Mental distractions often lead to inattention. You could miss noticing that another worker is working below you just because you’re too engrossed with holiday plans. Whether you’re worrying, daydreaming, or chatting, mental distractions can be likened to hazards or defects in machines that you need to secure with “guards”.

Always remind yourself of these mental distractions with a DANGER sign, close the “door” and focus on the work at hand.

Safe for the holidays

All of us at JJ White can be thankful for another year. We want to take this opportunity to remind you that safety is not just at work, but everywhere. During this time of the year, auto accidents and fatalities increase with holiday travel. The potential for fires increase with the use of heaters and Holiday lights. Robberies and thefts increase with the Holiday shopping.

We can all be thankful that just by being here today means we still have a good job and are able to continue supporting our families during this time of the year. Make it a safe Holiday!