JJ White Safety Topic Safety

JJ White Safety Topic

Always follow all safety rules and regulations.

Learn to recognize unsafe conditions and be sure to correct them.

Make safety your responsibility — don’t depend on others.

Handle hazardous materials properly — check the SDS for accurate information.

Develop good housekeeping habits.

Inspect electrical and hand tools before use.

When it’s heavy get some help. Don’t be a hurt hero.

Don’t take chances — check it out first – only fools rush in.

Watch out for pinch points and sharp edges. Keep your work area neat and clean.

Near misses are warnings — the next time could be much worse.

Wear personal protective gear properly and whenever required.

When in doubt — lock it out.

Select the right tool for the job.

Wear your seat belt — the life you save may be yours.

Check the label and read the manufacturer’s instructions before use. Watch out for others on the job.

Ask questions whenever you’re in doubt.

If it doesn’t look, feel, or smell right, save the day & back away!