Watch Your Step! Safety

Watch Your Step!

Watch where you walk

Be aware of where you are walking. Look down continuously for spilled liquids, materials, equipment, changing surface levels etc. Make sure the area is well lit or use a flash light if lighting is poor.

Wear proper footwear

Make sure your shoes or boots are in good shape and correct for the job. Discard worn out shoes or boots with smooth soles and other defects. If conditions are wet and slippery, wear non-slip shoes or boots. Over boot grips are available when working in winter conditions. Avoid footwear with leather soles which have poor floor traction- especially on smooth surfaces.

Check floor openings

Avoid unguarded floor openings. On construction sites, when covers are placed over floor openings, avoid walking on the cover unless it is absolutely secure and will not move or collapse. Never jump over pits or other openings.