Slips, Trip and Falls – Winter Safety Tips Safety

Slips, Trip and Falls – Winter Safety Tips

Today let’s look at walking outside when it’s cold and snowy or icy.

Here are some tips:

  • Plan ahead and give yourself sufficient time
  • When walking on steps, always use the hand railings and plant your feet firmly on each step
  • When walking on ice or snow take short steps and walk at a slower pace
  • Bending your knees a little and taking slower and shorter steps increases traction
  • Look out for “black ice”.  Dew, fog or water vapor can freeze on cold surfaces
  • Carrying heavy items can challenge your sense of balance
  • If you fall backward, make a conscious effort to tuck your chin so your head doesn’t strike the ground with full force
  • When entering a building, remove as much snow and water from your boots as you can. Take notice that floors and stairs may be wet and slippery
  • Use special care when entering and exiting vehicles.