Fall Prevention: Using Scaffolding Safety

Fall Prevention: Using Scaffolding

  1. Inspect scaffolds daily before you trust your life to them. Check guardrails, connectors, fastenings, footings, tie-ins, bracing and planking. Damaged scaffolds must be removed from service immediately
  2. Do not climb cross-bracing as a means of access
  3. Keep platforms and area near the scaffold clear of debris, unneeded equipment or material, and anything else that might cause you to slip or trip
  4. Use access ladders provided for each scaffold. Climbing off the end frames is prohibited
  5. In winter, clear platforms of all ice and snow before using. Sand wet planking for sure footing
  6. Never ‘ride’ a (mobile) rolling scaffold
  7. Only use a rolling scaffold on level surfaces, and lock caster breaks when not in motion. When moving, make certain the route is clear of holes and overhead obstructions. Secure all loose materials
  8. Use personal fall protection equipment tied off to an anchorage point from a lanyard, lifeline and/or deceleration device, when working from floats, needle beam scaffolds, or suspended scaffolds.