Reestablishing A Good Safety Routine Safety

Reestablishing A Good Safety Routine

  • Some people don’t realize it, but safety is a routine, a routine that can be easily broken by time away from work and reestablishing a good safety routine starts at home
  • A good safety routine starts with getting the proper amount of sleep prior to going to work. This can be especially hard as holidays, vacations or family gatherings are winding down
  • It helps to have a definite plan so activities and fun can come to an end in time to restore normal order to your home environment
  • Returning to a normal home routine is one key to returning to a normal work routine
  • Before leaving home to report to work, take a moment to clear your head of any lingering off-job issues and try to recall your standard routine of going to work
  • Envision putting on your seatbelt, the route you will drive to work, even the parking space in which you normally park. This simple memory game can help put you into a state of mind focused and ready for work
  • Every workplace has hazards that all workers must watch out for and be aware of as they travel about the facility. Workers who have been away from work for a few days may not be as in tune with those hazards as they had been in the past
  • There is definitely a flow to the movement of materials and equipment. It’s fast-paced and you’ve always got to keep a watch and be aware of your surroundings.