Preventing Heat Illnesses Safety

Preventing Heat Illnesses

Reduce the chance that workers will experience a heat illness by:

  • Taking regular rest breaks.
  • Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Taking advantage of shade when possible.
  • Performing physical activities when the temperature is cooler, if possible.
  • Acclimating employees to working conditions.
  • Wearing garments made from breathable woven or knit fabrics that promote moisture wicking and do not trap heat.
  • Have a strong Questioning Attitude.

Protective clothing is worn to protect workers against extremely dangerous hazards, such as flash fire or electric arc flash, chemical contact or welding is necessary for worker protection. If heat stress is also a hazard, choose the lightest-weight, most breathable fabric to protect from the other hazards and then follow the basic heat stress reduction work practices listed above to minimize or prevent heat stress.

Remember, Safety Principle: Management Must Audit Performance