Aerial Work Platform Safety Safety

Aerial Work Platform Safety

Protect yourself and other workers.

  • Always wear proper PPE. That can vary depending upon your jobsite location.  Always wear a hard hat and full body harness with an attached lanyard tied off to the manufacturers designated anchorage point.
  • Keep arms and legs inside the platform railing avoiding pinch points.
  • Do not use ladders, planks or other devices to gain additional height.
  • Never climb or sit on the platform railings.
  • Both feet must remain on the platform floor at all times.
  • Never operate an aerial work platform without first securing the access opening gate, entrance chain or slide bar.

If you can’t see, DON’T GO!

  • Spotters are required when working in or around process areas or if there are visual obstructions preventing the operator from having a clear view of the intended travel path.
  • Before initiating any platform movement operations, ensure the area surrounding the platform, as well as the tail (counterweight) swing area are clear of all obstructions and personnel.