We Know Better Safety

We Know Better

Most of us have the necessary knowledge and experience to do our jobs safely. Why, then, do we often ignore our “common sense” and set ourselves or others up for an accidental injury? 

  • Carbon monoxide can kill – but we sometimes work in a closed garage with our automobile engine running!
  • A bump on the head hurts – but we don’t think about that for a minute when we walk under an overhead load!
  • A circular saw can cut off a finger – but we go right ahead and operate a saw without a guard!
  • Excessive speed in an automobile may cause an accident – but we speed anyway.
  • A loose board on a stairway can trip someone – but we don’t bother to report it!
  • Grease and oil spills can cause a nasty fall – but we “forget” that we should cover these spills with oil absorbent material!
  • Tools and parts can become falling objects or we can trip over them – but we fail to put them back where they belong!
  • We shouldn’t take a chance when operating equipment – but we drive a forklift truck with the load carried high and try to turn a corner while going too fast!
  • We should wear protective equipment – but we wear our goggles around our neck.

We all know better and I’m sure that most of you aren’t guilty of doing many things that were covered, but you’ll have to admit that some of these things are a possibility, even for each of us with all our knowledge of the safe way of doing things. 

Yes, we know better!  But, since knowing is only half the job, we must act on our knowledge to be safe.