Struck By Hazards Safety

Struck By Hazards

  1. Avoid overhead suspended loads
  2. Barricade swing radius of equipment, cranes etc.
  3. Tools, equipment, and materials not being stored too close to edges of buildings.
  4. Guardrail system with toe boards installed on scaffolding
  5. Securing materials for inclement weather conditions, high winds, storms, etc.
  • Equipment Operations
    • Back up alarms and horns functioning on equipment
    • Lights working on equipment
    • Operators qualifications / training
  • Equipment inspections
    • Daily visual inspections
    • Maintenance procedures and documentation
  • Visual distortions
    • Glass not cracked or dirty to impair operator’s vision
    • High visibility, reflective vests worn by employees working around equipment
    • Awareness training for employees around equipment, it’s easier for the employees on the ground to see the piece of equipment than it is for the operator to see the employees