Equipment Inspection Safety

Equipment Inspection

Before starting the job, check the unseen. Inspect your equipment, make safety routine

What types of tasks require Pre-Inspections?

Most of the tasks performed on jobsites every day require some kind of user inspection, before it is safe to proceed with the task:

  • Certain motorized equipment, such as forklifts, aerial lifts, and scissor lifts, have formal inspection checklists which are required to be conducted daily. Discrepancies need to be addressed before using the equipment and the checklists need to be collected at the end of the day and sent to your site Super or site Safety Rep.
  • Power tools – check the casing, external drive mechanism, and power cord at minimum before use.  Discard damaged equipment promptly.
  • Lifting and Rigging Equipment, including slings, must be inspected prior to use.  All damaged and defective slings must be taken out of service immediately.
  • Scaffolds must also need to be inspected prior to use, and signed off by a competent person.  Portable ladders that are inspected and found damaged should be discarded promptly.
  • Make sure all tools/rigging have the proper color inspection tape for the month/quarter per the site/JJW requirements where you are working

                              Is the equipment you are depending on up to the task?