Planning Safety


As we begin our day let’s take a look at the task that will be assigned to us and verify we have set ourselves up for success.

Have we looked ahead to see what special PPE we will need?

With the winter months upon us have we stocked up on ice melt, ice scrappers, and shoe spikes?

With the wind that occurs in the winter are we looking ahead and planning our elevated work out of high reaches according? Do we have goggles on all hardhats available for dusty conditions? Do you have the proper goggles for prescription glasses?

When we fill out our JSA are we putting the tasks in a sequenced order? This should be used as a planning guide.

Have we looked at the weekly schedule or permit request to see what is in the near future? Let’s review the specific tools needed and verify we have them and they are in in working order and have been inspected. Go to the specific job location and do an inspection, don’t take this for granted, ask yourself if you would send a loved one in that area to work, if not don’t send your coworker either. Fix the problem! 

Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.