Road Accidents / Equipment Damage Safety

Road Accidents / Equipment Damage

We must protect the safety of all employees, visitors, contractors, and equipment while mobile equipment or vehicles are operated. We need to ensure that vehicles and mobile equipment do not come in contact with persons, process equipment, other mobile equipment, hazardous materials, etc. while being operated at our jobsites. Road accidents and equipment damage are a significant problem in the industry. We continue to 

Contact things that are not moving


Visual, takes your eyes off the road.

Manual, taking your hands off the wheel.

Cognitive, taking your mind off what you are doing.


Survey the work area before moving vehicles and equipment.

-Do a 360 Walk-Around the vehicle. 

-Try to position vehicle so you don’t have to back up. 1st move forward.

-Choose easy exit parking spots that don’t crowd neighboring vehicles.

-Back into the space when parking.

-Use a Spotter.