JJ White Emergency Action Plan In The News

To all of the JJ White Family,

   As we traverse through the daily workings of our temporarily changed world, please call and contact all of our past, present, and future clients to let them know that JJ White is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

  •  Send mass email, & let them know we offer all of any of the services they need Especially Plumbing!
  •  Our answering service is logging, fielding and routing calls efficiently. Please let me know of any difficulties!

I ask our JJW Vehicle Operators to SLOW DOWN, I received 5 speeding Reports today alone!

   We are working 775 Team members in the field supporting client operations. Five of our Team members had asked to take a layoff so they could be home with an elderly family member and also “potentially” prevent any future exposure; we are treating these as simple layoffs, and these Team Members are welcome back without any Medical Testing, workload permitting.

        One Client actually added 50% to our current contract value for a particular project we have! Some of our clients are assessing minimal workloads and deferring any discretionary Capital Work.

        The following is a 20 State Summary:

  1. One site today had a false alarm, when an individual was thought to be experiencing flu-like symptoms, and was taken to the hospital with an initial diagnosis negative for COVID-19.
  1. Two workers on another site today, called out with flu-like symptoms of fever and aching. They stayed home and we asked the other three colleagues to Self-Isolate(Away from Family Members) until they could be confirmed negative for COVID-19.

Things to Remember:

  •  It is important to remember that we are still in the Traditional Cold and Flu Season, and coming into allergy season. Many of the cases Nationwide that were initially thought to be COVID-19, were later confirmed negative.
  •  We are asking our Vendors to arrange to make “Contactless” Deliveries, and while the official emails are going out to the Vendors and Suppliers now, I ask all of the JJW Family to keep safe-distancing(6-foot minimum) practices.
  •  Be careful of any Electronic Signature Pads, especially because nobody was ever supposed to be signing them anyway!

        Jim Daley, through Ed Scheidts is investigating how we can have a sufficient number of Emergency Vehicle Placards for our Trucks, IF Vehicle restrictions are placed on the Highways and By-Ways.

        Jason Morovich circulated a warning to all JJ White Electronic Information Systems users to not get conned! In times of distraction, people make bad decisions, please do not be one of them, as Violation of our I/T Protocols is grounds for dismissal!

        Check the email address of all senders! Place a cell phone call to someone who has made an unusual request via email! Beware the email that says: “Open Secure File!” Be cautious about an email that forwards the email address of a known person, go to the top of the email, and click on the sender’s name, and I guarantee you it will be an email you do not recognize, and you should “junk” that email and its sender.

         Lastly, STOP DANGER, and DEFECTS! We have had a Recordable Free Performance in 2020! Please keep up the Great Work! Happy Saint Joseph’s Day tomorrow!