JJ White Emergency Management Plan Update In The News

The Following Is A Report From the JJ White Inc. Emergency Management Team

 JJ White is Open for Business!
JJ White is a Certified Life-Sustaining/ Critical Infrastructure Services Provider to our clients such as Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Telecommunications Sectors, with our General, Mechanical, and Electrical Construction or Maintenance.
JJ White has deployed our Thermal Scanners to one of our Industrial Sites in Toledo, Ohio, and also to our Plastics Site in Rhode Island.
We are maintaining our Contactless Delivery Program, please see the details on our website.
Our Network thwarted another brute force attack, another reason why we maintain aggressive cyber-security on our own owned Networks.
We ask all of our Sites in the 20 States we operate in to encourage Direct Deposit for their employees.
The latest in COVID-19 Preparedness (e.g.: Temperature Scanning levels reduced from 100.1 F to 99.5 F) are available through our safety department!
Many Building Trade Unions are deferring their wage increases from May 1st to later in the summer time.
We worked almost 400,000 Man-hours in Q1 Recordable Free!