JJ White Emergency Management Plan: April 9, 2020 In The News

Emergency Management Plan: April 9, 2020


To the JJ White Family,

Below is the daily report from your Emergency Management Team:


We have now increased our order for: (cloth, washable, reusable, better fitting face masks), to 6,000($12k); arriving hopefully by 4/21. Many protocols are addressing the circumstances where Safe-Social-Distancing cannot be readily achieved to allow for the use of masks to compensate.


We are hoping to be able to deploy our Field Electronic Time Sheet, and Billing Software called “Aimsio” from its initial roll-out in the Mid-Atlantic Region to our New England Region.


Thieves are posing as representatives of the US Treasury, looking to send you your $1,200 check under the CARES Act, if only you would provide them your Social Security Number, Bank Account Number, Home Address, Date of Birth, etc. These people are frauds! It is  important to remember that a legitimate organization will Never be calling or emailing you to get your personal information. Please pass this information along to your parents, grandparents, in-laws, etc.!