Tori White Named VP of Supply Chain and Purchasing In The News

JJ White has named Victoria White VP of Supply Chain and Purchasing. Tori is the Second VP, but also the 6th Female Corporate Officer in our 100 Year History.

Victoria has been with JJ White for two years, and currently oversees our Whiting, IN office. Tori began her career at JJ White disbursing PCN’s and RCN’s and slowly began to envelop in to other areas of the company. Tori has become a jack of all trades, mastering not only her specific job duties but other areas of the company as well. The other areas include marketing and procuring for the Whiting area.

Victoria’s day to day job duties consist of handling any materials or expenses that we as a company are procuring. That can range anywhere from materials, to equipment, to simply making sure that all items on the jobsite have a cost code associated with them and are accounted for. This role serves importance not only internally but external as well. This position holds our employees accountable for their purchases, but also encourages us to work with the vendors who are going to provide the best deals and service to us.

Not only does the job entail handling purchases, Tori is also responsible for setting up vendors, discount vendors and vendor agreements. Once a vendor is set-up then we can properly buy materials and equipment with them on the contract terms that we have set-up for that specific job. The contract acts as a security blanket so that both parties are aware of what they are liable for.

Going hand in hand with the vendor agreements, comes price sourcing. This is a large part of the job duties. Price Sourcing allows for us to receive the best price on equipment or materials from a specific vendor. The rule of thumb is three quotes and then a decision is made. This not only benefits us but the client as well. The PM’s are responsible for sourcing the three quotes, and then Tori takes over once the decision is made.

As one would assume this job has many moving parts that play a huge part in the function of our company on a daily basis. Tori does this job with ease and pure dedication. Aside from those daily duties, Tori also balances the accounting for our BP Whiting Site. Along with their invoicing and their payroll. And if that isn’t enough Tori also oversees all cost codes for the company. She does it all.

Tori has transitioned gracefully into this position, allowing the company to function without skipping a beat. Her initiatives have increased the functionality of the way we conduct business on a daily basis. Thus, allowing us to save money, time, and resources while also meeting our number one goal of keeping our clients happy.