Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022: Jessica Tennett In The News

I started at JJ White right out of college in May of 2018. I wear many hats at JJ White – I am the Marketing Coordinator, Diversity Manager as well as Chair of the Community Engagement Committee. I also help with proposal development for our various groups and any additional tasks that our team may need.  

I always found construction to be an interesting industry to work in. I liked that it was a fast-paced industry and the work being performed made a positive impact on the communities around us. 

When the opportunity to work at JJ White came up, I was excited and grateful. I chose to work here because of the family business feel, it really appealed to me, and knowing I would have the ability to grow professionally in this company was something that drew me in. 

I love the creative freedom I have in my role. I have the ability to market our company on many different platforms and have fun with it! Also, the opportunities I have been afforded, I’ve had great mentors who have taught me different areas of the company outside of my role which has been great for my growth.  

I have always felt respected and valued during my time here. Now being the Diversity Manager, I want to make sure that is the case for everyone else working here and in our wider industry.  

For the future of the construction industry, I hope to see more buildings being constructed with environmental awareness and sustainability in mind. 

One piece of advice I would give to other women in the industry is not to be afraid to speak up. Share your ideas! Your colleagues will respect you for it.