Take Your Child to Work Day: JJ White Edition In The News

April 28th, 2022 was like any other day for most, but to some it was Take Your Child to Work Day. It is a common dream for most children to go to work with their parents and see what they get to do on a daily basis. That’s how Jaxon McHugh, 7, viewed going to work with his dad, Sean McHugh, a Project Manager/Estimator for the HVAC Group.

Jaxon came home from school on Tuesday ecstatic to ask his dad if he could go to work with him on Thursday. Sean asked Jon Schwertdfeger, head of the HVAC Group, and Jim Daley, VP of Operations, if this would be okay, and they both gladly approved. Jaxon was ecstatic to go to work at JJ White Headquarters.

Thursday started off hectic, Sean had two cranes scheduled to meet at the JJ White shop for jobs that day, followed by multiple meetings that consumed the morning. “I thought Jaxon was going to be able to color and play minecraft all day, but that wasn’t the case, but in the end it all worked out great. Jaxon didn’t mind,” said Sean.

Jaxon indeed did not mind at all, as he was given the royal treatment at JJ White. He received his own personalized hard hat, gloves, measuring tape, level and many more items he could take with him. Jaxon was having the time of his life, and to top it all off, he got another huge surprise when his grandfather arrived at JJ White Headquarters!

Robert McHugh is also an employee of ours, working as one of our HVAC Service Technicians for over a year now. Robert handles most of our refrigeration service calls at Boston Market and the University of Pennsylvania, as well as other service calls as needed.

Jaxon’s face lit up when he saw his grandfather, truly making his day! As if it couldn’t get any better, the three of them were given Phillies tickets for that afternoon! Jaxon was able to enjoy the game with other JJ White employees and their kids as well as eat lots of his favorite stadium treats.

“JJ White really made my myself and my family feel like a part of the family. To have an employer care about us like that is truly special. There were three generations of the McHugh family at JJ White today, and we are beyond thankful for the experience we had,” said Sean.