Employee Spotlight: Richie Wolff In The News

Union Craft?

Boilermakers, Local 363


Years of Experience?

16 years


How long have you been employed with JJ White?

Since February 2020


Where are you currently working?

P66 Wood River Refinery


What is your current role with the JJW and what does your average day look like?

Currently the Boilermaker General Foreman. My average day starts with a morning kick-off meeting and stretch and flex. I meet with the client to review and confirm the day’s work tasks. I meet with the Boilermaker Foreman regarding the projects and tasks they will be performing and confirm they were able to obtain work permits. I review foreman work permits, job safety analysis, and associated paperwork for confined space and hot work. I attend meetings with the client to update them on project progress, schedule, and needs associated with any additional work scope. I ensure foreman complete daily site safety reviews of there work site and follow up with any corrective actions that need completed. I coordinate with the client for the next day’s work scope and daily progress reports.


What do you think separates JJW as a company from other contractors you have worked for?

The greatest difference that separates JJW from other contractors is the core value safety is placed on the overall worksite and every employee. The time spent for onboarding/training/coaching onsite here at Wood River sets JJ White apart from every contractor.


What does P66 Wood River Refinery think?

“Richie attends all meetings, communicates well with others, is efficient at planning work, and is a peer to other crafts in a leadership role at the refinery.” –Phillips 66 Coordinator